Itinerary: With no fixed itineraries, we are free to explore on our own terms and at our own pace. During the day we will sail around the beautiful landscapes of the inner islands, spend time ashore to explore the richness of unique endemic species and explore the natural world below the sea while snorkeling and diving the reefs. The sailing area includes the preferred routes between the larger islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Cost Contributions:

Boat cost contribution: 65 €/person/day, includes accommodation in double cabins (single cabins possible at extra cost). If you gather a group of friends and book all 6 places, you only need to pay for 5 and get one for free (i.e. 54 €/person/day). Skipper and basic snorkeling gear is on board at no cost.  Minimum number of participants: 3

Kitty: At the beginning of the trip, we all pay €150 into the kitty.  Incurred expenses are recorded on Splitwise and allocated by agreement to be as fair as possible on everyone.  The kitty covers, among other things, food and drinks, diesel for the boat, petrol for the dinghy, final cleaning, port fees, mooring fees, bed linen and towels. Furthermore, these are also possible costs in the event of damage, insofar as it is not covered by insurance or the damage was not intentionally caused by a crew member. The final total to be paid into the kitty depends on personal preferences of the crew members and the sailing area. Since we particularly prefer the most beautiful, lonely anchorages and simple, local food on board and choose to use our precious resources sparingly, the final tally on our trips in the Seychelles usually end up in the region of €20/day/person.

Not included: Travel expenses and personal expenses.  Note: Seychelles have introduced an environmental conservation levy of SCR100 (approx. €7) per day, to be paid by all tourists visiting the Seychelles.

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